Vince Williams

is the sole editor of this website.

After serving 20 years in the military ministry.



Vince, Jennifer, Jason (Now serving in the Air Force), David (Now in Bible College), Sarah (My favorite daughter), Benjamin, Joshua, & Adam!  Bro. Williams Pastor of Immanuel Baptist Church in Syracuse, NY,

and is a NY native Born in Norwich, NY, 45 miles below Utica, NY.  He attended High School in Florida.  

His wife Jennifer is from LA.  She attended Christian School in Jennings, LA.  Jason was born in Jacksonville, FL, David in Gulfport, MS, Sarah in Ocean Springs, MS, Benjamin in Earlville, NY,  Joshua in Watertown, NY, Adam in Watertown. We love the ministry, and we love helping people.  Just like everyone in the ministry ought to be, we are people persons!

This is our Abbreviated Doctrinal Statement,

the comprehensive one is on our Church Website.


For a short intro we are believers in the Biblical New Testament, Local, Independent, Fundamental

Soul-winning, Sin-hating, Holy Living, Men dress as Men, Ladies dress as Ladies, Non-dating, Home-schooling as

a Conviction, Church school as a ministry (Optional), Non-prejudice, KJB preaching, teaching, and studying, Pre-Trib, Pre-millenial, Non-tongue speaking, Amening, Conservative Christian Music Listening and Singing, Devil Hating, Non-compromising, Compelling & yet COMPASSIONATE, Unaffiliated Biblical

New Testament Baptist Church!